Other funding

PhD studentship fund

The Dunhill Medical Trust invites applications for its PhD studentship fund. This enables UK universities and research institutions to offer PhD studentships on the treatment of age-related diseases and frailty or improving health and social care for older people. While applications can be made for a single studentship, preference will be given to proposals which contribute to the support of several studentships with planned co-funding from the host institution.



Smart Ageing Prize

This 50,000 EUR challenge prize is looking for solutions that support, empower and inspire older adults to engage in entrepreneurship.



Oxford AHSN Innovation Exchange

The Innovation Exchange is an AHSN coordinated approach to identify, select and support the adoption of innovations that improve our economy and patients’ lives.

The Oxford AHSN Strategic and Industry Partnerships team aims to help innovators develop their value proposition, business model and evidence base to enhance their chances of developing products that are likely to be adopted by the NHS.



Healthy Ageing - Trailblazers

The Healthy Ageing Challenge is now open for business and our Trailblazers competitions are now underway to deliver on the plan announced last month. This is a huge milestone – which we have only achieved thanks to the tremendous support received through our research and market engagement.



Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) Healthy Ageing Challenge Framework

The Centre for Ageing Better developed the Healthy Ageing Challenge Framework, which is intended to stimulate ideas and provide thinking points for the ISCF.

The Centre for Ageing Better is a charity, funded by an endowment from The National Lottery Community Fund, working to create a society where everyone enjoys a good later life. We want more people to be in fulfilling work, in good health, living in safe, accessible homes and connected communities.



ISCF Healthy Ageing Grand Challenge

Over the coming years there will be a series of opportunities for UK-based businesses and researchers. The opportunities range from Trailblazers which will focus on supporting the development of near to market propositions with potential to be adopted at scale; Investment Accelerator and early stage support for businesses looking to develop early-stage innovations; and research to further our understanding of healthy ageing.

The Centre for Ageing Better charity has developed a Healthy Ageing Challenge Framework, to stimulate thinking about the ISCF Healthy Ageing Challenge