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UK SPINE KE: free flow of knowledge to accelerate innovations in ageing

Human ageing is a complex process with genetic, environmental and socioeconomic drivers. In order to produce a step change in addressing this challenge through medical innovation, a new way of working is required.

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Working with Industry

UK SPINE encourages collaboration between academia and industry. We know that such collaborations are a key part in translating research breakthroughs to real-world impact. If your company is interested in working with academics in our network, please get in touch.

UK Knowledge Exchange Spine

UK SPINE was set up to build a network, focussed on the mission of improving healthspan for patients with multiple age-related conditions. Knowledge exchange was central to accelerating the discovery, development and testing of new drugs by better understanding the underlying biology driving these conditions. The novel approach we have implemented is based on a collaborative network of six research core partners, all focused on this common goal.

Although the funded network and its activities will cease at the end of this year (December 2022), the collaborative relationships, networks and multidisciplinary working will sustain. The partners will continue to work to progress the targets that have been generated during the programme, to further our understanding of ageing biology and create the tools, reagents and assays necessary for drug discovery in this area.

It has been a privilege to bring together experts from across the globe, who have contributed to UK SPINE events, ranging from symposia to conferences, workshops and AIM days, and to see collaborations embark and evolve, and in particular, across the 40 projects UK SPINE has supported.

We would like to thank all our colleagues throughout the ageing research community, for their support, enthusiasm and dedications over the past four years.

Multimorbidity is one of the key challenges facing health researchers around the world...

We know that older people have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic – but how many of us know why?

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UK SPINE was set up to build a knowledge exchange[1…

UK SPINE Conference 2020: From bench to care home in a time of COVID